Massage Job

We are currently recruiting individuals who are reliable and confident, with a slim to medium build and a youthful appearance, to join our team.
If you possess a magnetic personality and believe you would be a great addition, we invite you to contact us and introduce yourself. Please share your reasons for your interest in becoming a valued member of our team.
We are looking for someone who is dependable, adaptable, and takes pride in their appearance. It is important that you approach your work with dedication and maintain a friendly attitude. Whether you are a student or seeking additional income, our flexible working hours allow many of our team members to pursue their other interests.
We specifically seek women who are 22 years or older, attractive, outgoing, and demonstrate a strong work ethic. Proficient language skills are highly valued. Previous experience in erotic massage or as a masseuse is necessary to be considered for this position.
When contacting us, please mention the city in which you are interested in working.
Please note: We do not provide sex jobs.

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